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In Home Senior Care Services in Irion County, TX

Get professional home care for seniors who need trusted senior care services

Home care is structured to help seniors who require assistance in different aspects of their daily life and to maintain independence and enjoy a high-quality of life. These seniors may also need to avoid hospitalization while remaining in the comfort of their own homes. Most seniors would need to move into nursing homes assisted living facilities if senior care wasn’t such a great option.

Senior Care in Irion County, TX

Non-medical, in home care has many benefits. For one, the senior gets a lot of independence and autonomy. Also, the seniors have a say in how they want to be cared for, and their input is held in high regard because the care is mostly all about them. The National Institute of Health has found that seniors who get professional care and support usually interact with family and friends more than seniors who retire to nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Seniors seek care and support in order to get help in the areas they find difficult. Senior care support usually includes light housekeeping, running errands, laundry, cooking, medication management, and transportation. Each senior will need a different amount of help and support. While some seniors may require about a half-hour to one hour a week, others could need an upward of 20-40 hours a week. There are seniors who require 24 hour home care, especially those with advanced stages of dementia.

These are some of the questions to consider if you are actively thinking of in home senior care:

  • Does your senior loved one need help with daily living tasks but desire to remain at home?
  • Do they need help in getting around and going to places like stores, hospital appointments and social engagements?
  • Are they unable to handle some personal care routines like bathing, toileting, grooming, and dressing?
  • Do they need help in keeping track of a medical condition or medication?
  • Are they still able to prepare healthy meals on their own?
  • Would the social and emotional support be beneficial to them?

It is important to note that even active seniors can get many benefits from home care. They don’t have to be bedridden, wheelchair-bound, or socially isolated to enjoy professional care. It is true that senior with these debilitating conditions would benefit most from professional senior care, but millions of ‘active’ seniors could also increase their quality of life and independence by receiving support from Comfort Keepers even before their health deteriorates.

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