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Home Care For Elderly Adults Keeps The Mind Sharp In San Angelo, TX

Learn how home care for elderly adults in San Angelo, TX can help you keep your mind sharp while living at home.

You probably know that genetics plays a part in determining your risk of memory loss, dementia, and other brain-related maladies. What you may not realize is that lifestyle choices also play a significant role in cognitive decline and the risk of dementia. Comfort Keepers’ home care for elderly adults encourages you to consider these three lifestyle modifications that can help the senior brain stay strong and healthy.

  1. Exercise regularly. Most seniors know that regular physical exercise is good for the body and can reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Doctors have now found that it can also reduce the risk of dementia, and it doesn't even take a gym or fancy equipment. In fact, one study showed that the risk of dementia dropped as the average number of blocks seniors walked increased.
  2. Engage the mind. Passive activities like watching television do not stimulate the brain. The good news is that almost all activities that require an active brain do and having an active brain has been shown to improve memory and cognition while reducing the risk of dementia. Even better, most any hobby qualifies. Simply choose something that you can do regularly to keep the brain active, from bowling or ballroom dancing to gardening or working out puzzles.
  3. Socialize. Who knew that talking with your friends and family could protect your brain? It turns out that interacting positively with others stimulates the brain while drawing on memories, decision making skills, and multi-step cognition. This is all good for brain development. Plus, seniors who engage regularly with others have a lower risk of loneliness, depression, and other emotional challenges.

The senior brain may not always have the horsepower it did many years ago, but there are still ways that we can keep it in the race. If you or a loved one need help staying physically or cognitively active or need in-home assistance, including companionship care, Comfort Keepers’ home care for elderly adults will provide the physical and emotional support you need to maximize your safety, independence, and quality of life.

For more information about ways to turbo charge the senior brain and ward off cognitive challenges, or to learn more about the many ways Comfort Keepers’ home care for elderly adults can help, contact a care coordinator today.


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