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How Our Home Care Agency Helps with Fall Risk Reduction in San Angelo, TX

Seniors assisted by our home care agency will be less likely to be injured in a fall

Falls are the leading cause of serious injury among seniors. Even minor falls can cause big problems for seniors who can end up hospitalized after simply tripping. Bad weather, cluttered homes, and other factors can all create a hazardous home situation for your loved one in San Angelo; however, our home care agency can help seniors stay safe and lower their risk of falling at home.

Identifying Fall Risks At Home

Older adults who live at home, especially alone, need to do everything possible to minimize their risk of falling. Our award-winning home care agency will go into your loved one’s home to complete a detailed fall risk assessment highlighting potential hazards and suggesting safety equipment that can minimize the risks of falling.

Installing safety rails, putting down carpet, and placing the furniture so that seniors have a wide, clear path for walking and placing chairs at regular intervals so that seniors can sit and rest if needed. Senior care providers coming into the home can see things that family members overlook because they are so familiar with the home that they don’t see the hazards.

The Benefits Of Senior Care

Experienced caregivers from our home care agency in San Angelo can lower the risk that your senior loved one will suffer from a fall at home by doing the chores and tasks that your loved one finds challenging. Caregivers can do everything from help seniors with personal care and bathing to housekeeping and running errands. Having Comfort Keepers in the home provides your loved one with the extra support they need to maintain their independence while decreasing their risk of falling.

If you have a loved one in San Angelo, TX who could benefit from in home care call us today to schedule your complimentary in-home assessment. We are available 24/7 to help answer your questions.


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