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Ensuring Proper Medication Management

Oct 22, 2018 by Lisa Carson

The importance of medication management is huge. Sometimes, it can mean all the difference between life and death of a senior. If your senior loved one is not taking the right dosage at the right time, they might not be able to improve or at least maintain their health. An even worse scenario is the one in which they take a higher dosage than recommended. In many cases, overmedication is followed by death.

To prevent overmedication, here’s what you should do:

  1. Make a list with all the drugs your senior is taking
  2. Write down all the doctor’s notes about each medication
  3. Write down all the signs and symptoms of overdose for every medication

This way, if an overmedication happens, you will be able to identify which medication has caused it. And that can help save the life of your senior loved one. But, simply being prepared for problems caused by overmedication is not enough. You also need to do your best such scenario doesn’t happen.

Proper medication management is the solution to that issue. You need to ensure your senior take the right dosage at the right time. Unfortunately, this can be inconvenient, as many seniors need to take as much as 20 different drugs per day.

If you can’t be there for them all the time, you need to hire someone who can. A home health care agency like Comfort Keepers will take care of the medication management for your senior. Their caregivers will ensure they take all the drugs, as prescribed by their physician.

Medication management is one of many services this home health agency offers. If you would like to learn more about what Comfort Keepers has in the offer, feel free to get in touch with them by calling (325) 267-8532.

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