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Reducing the Risk of Fires in Your Senior's Home

Oct 8, 2018 by Lisa Carson

When it comes to senior safety, one of the biggest concerns is fires. According to the National Fire Protection Association, more than 3,000 people are killed by fires every year. Furthermore, over 14,000 people get injured and more than $10B-worth of damage is caused by fires.

Senior citizens who live on their own are those who are under the biggest risk of fires. The reason is that their physical abilities are just not good enough so that they can quickly escape if a fire happens. Furthermore, many seniors have cognitive problems such as dementia and forgetfulness, which adds to the risk of fires. For example, they might forget to turn off the stove, which could start a fire.

The best way to ensure a total safety of your senior is to have someone live with them. And if you can’t move in, an old people’s home seems like a good solution. Unfortunately, moving from the place where they’ve spent the best days of their life can be horrible for the seniors.

So, what’s the best solution in that case? You can hire professional caregivers to provide 24/7 home care services to your senior loved one. If you hire Comfort Keepers for the job, they will ensure your senior remains safe and sound, without taking a toll on their independence.

Comfort Keepers caregivers will do all in their power to reduce fire risks. For example, they will test all the fire detectors in the house and put fire extinguishers all over the place. They will also hire electricians to check all the wiring.

Apart from taking care of the safety, Comfort Keepers will also provide some home care services aimed at making the life of the senior much easier. For instance, they will take care of the household work, go grocery shopping, help with medication management, and so on.

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