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Surprising Benefits Poetry Has on the Senior Brain

Sep 25, 2018 by Lisa Carson

Recent studies have confirmed what the scientific community has been speculating for many decades – poetry does have benefits on the cognitive health of the seniors. The reasons why this is the case is actually pretty simple.

Poetry gives the senior brain the kind of boost it needs in order to stay in a good shape. In turn, this can help preventing a number of serious cognitive disorders that commonly affect the seniors. We’re talking about things like the Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and so on.

The best thing about poetry is that its benefits are not only confined to those seniors who write poetry, but also to those who simply enjoy reading it.

Benefits of Poetry Writing

  • Creativity – Writing poetry brings the seniors into a sort of creative state which can spread to other areas of life as well. It can help them find creative solutions to all kinds of non-poetry related issues.
  • Therapeutic benefit – Because writing poetry requires the seniors to stay focused, it also helps them forget about all the unpleasant things that come together with getting old.

Benefits of Poetry Reading

  • Calming effect – Poetry reading takes you to a nicer place, where everything is beautiful. The seniors will start thinking about nice things, which can help them a lot if they’re struggling with depression or anxiety.
  • Memory – Reading poetry can awake some long-forgotten emotions and help the seniors retrieve some memories that might have been lost for a long time.

How to Encourage the Seniors to Become Poetry-Lovers?

Poetry is the best when enjoyed in company. And if your senior loved one lives alone, a good advice is to hire professional elder care providers to give them company. The elder care professionals can encourage the seniors to try to write poetry. They can also read it to them if the senior’s eyesight isn’t too good.

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