End of Life Care in Tom Green County, TX

Find out what differentiates end of life care and palliative care in Tom Green County

When a senior is approaching the end of their life, there’s no longer use for standard senior care. Instead, the focus of caregivers should switch to maintaining the senior’s comfort and helping uphold their dignity. Comfort Keepers in Tom Green County, TX understands the needs of your aging senior and your family, which is why we offer end of life care services.

What is Palliative Care?

In layman’s terms, palliative care is a support provided to the senior who is suffering a great deal of pain due to an injury or illness. This type of care can be provided to all types of older adults, not just those nearing the end of their life. The only thing that matters to the palliative care providers is the elimination of physical pain

End of Life Care Explained

When there’s no more use for curative treatments, end of life care needs to commence. Not only are our in home caregivers focusing enhancing the quality of the senior’s life, but also importantly ensuring their dignity.

Although each person has their own perspective about death, there are some things that are the same for every patient. In the home care community, those are called the ABCD’s of dying – attitude, behavior, compassion, and dialogue.

By accessing the passing senior’s attitude towards death, our caregivers will be able to develop a personalized plan to get them ready for the inevitable. We take into account your senior loved one’s health conditions, their personality and physical abilities and desires. 

Our compassionate caregivers will also be there to provide companionship, conversation, and comfort, helping your loved one realize the quality of life they’ve lived and that now is the time to move on.

Of course, the success of end of life care depends a lot on the skills of the caregivers. To learn more about how your family could benefit from specialized in home care services contact us today.


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