Alzheimer's Care in Tom Green County, TX

Comfort Keepers can help you improve senior's quality of life by providing Alzheimer's care

It is true that Alzheimer’s disease does not yet have a cure, but this doesn’t mean its symptoms can’t be alleviated. There are all kinds of therapies and treatments that can slow down the process. This is done by addressing the cognitive and physical symptoms of dementia. If done early on, the treatment can prove very successful.

Dealing with the disease is not the only thing that matters. It’s also extremely important to do everything to ensure a decent quality of life of the senior with dementia. The fact is that this disease can be unbearably stressful for your loved one and those close to them. For instance, certain sounds, smells, or events can trigger some distant memories can cause confusion or frustration. The stress usually leads to all kinds of other problems, including anxiety, emotional outbursts, etc.

A good strategy for dealing with these issues is creating a healthy, familiar environment for your loved one. This is why a number of experts on Alzheimer’s disease say that the best method for assisting seniors with dementia is Alzheimer's care. However, family caregivers are usually unable to provide the their loved ones with the specialized and attentive care they require. Comfort Keepers caregivers are uniquely qualified and ready to provide personalized care in Tom Green County, TX.

Our Comfort Keepers in Tom Green County, TX will make sure that the person suffering from this disease is properly taken care of. Alzheimer's care can include the following:

  • Keeping a steady routine – By limiting routine changes, the care providers will ensure that the patient doesn’t get stressed. This includes everything from paying attention to their sleeping patterns, keeping a schedule of their meals, as well as following the routine related to their walks, doctor’s appointments, and so on.   
  • Preventing painful scenarios – The caregivers will make sure to tackle all the issues that might cause pain to the patient. For example, in order to prevent hunger and digestive issues, they will feed the senior with smaller portions, but more frequently.   
  • Reducing visual and auditory distractions – The experience has shown that certain audio/visual distractions can have a negative effect on the wellbeing of Alzheimer’s patients. Comfort Keepers will make sure those distractions are dealt with!

If you would like to learn more about the Alzheimer's care provided by Comfort Keepers for dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, contact us today in Tom Green County, TX.


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