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While being a caregiver for a loved one can be a wonderful bonding experience for family, uniting a family in support, it can also consume a great amount of one's physical and emotional wellness. With children, a career, maintaining one's home, attending family and friends events and providing care for your loved one, it can be hard to find time to relax, unwind and recharge. Whether you need to relax, run errands or get together with friends, you can count on Comfort Keepers respite care San Angelo to provide the time you need to do so, while being assured that your loved one is in great hands.

Respite Care San Angelo

There are a lot of services that a caregiver can provide while you are out. From meal preparation and oral hygiene maintenance to light housekeeping and transfer assistance, you can count on our team of in home caregivers to provide the support needed while you are away. 

Why is respite important for a senior? If you are providing care for your loved one, they may feel guilty taking you away from your daily life. Respite care helps ease them of that guilt, as they are assured that you are not neglecting certain aspects of life. Respite care is also beneficial for companionship. It increases social interaction and promotes an open space for your loved one to share memories, concerns and more. 

Why is respite important for a family caregiver? Like was said earlier, providing care for a loved one can be extremely rewarding. But, it can be met with great stress, isolation and depression. With the help of a caregiver, whether a few hours a month of a few hours a day, you can balance your life easier.

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