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As seniors age, they often find themselves requiring assistance with daily living tasks, transportation, or even companionship. Instead of moving to an assisted living facility or nursing home, many seniors take advantage of in home caregivers. When first looking for caregivers, the search can seem overwhelming. After all, there are thousands of senior care organizations in the United States and likely dozens near your community, alone.


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Common sense tells us that not all senior care organizations are created equal. With that in mind, what makes Comfort Keepers great? What has differentiates them from the competition?


Experience. Comfort Keepers has provided in home senior care for over a quarter century. Today, there are over 200 Comfort Keepers care agencies in the United States with many more located internationally. Over the last decades, senior care has evolved as an industry and as a science and art. Comfort Keepers has been a leader in the midst of these changes.


Focus. One of the greatest changes to come about is Comfort Keepers trademarked method of care known as Interactive Caregiving. Interactive Caregiving is an approach to senior care that goes beyond physical tasks and supports to address a senior's social, cognitive, and emotional needs. Drawing off of a senior's passions, caregivers draw a senior into their own care and make them the focus of each activity. Through whole-person integration and interaction, a senior's quality of life is significantly enhanced.


Employees. Comfort Keepers caregivers are all employees of Comfort Keepers. They are not independent contractors or people chosen from a temp pool. Each caregiver is carefully screened, background checked, trained, and supervised. Once ready for action, employees are carefully matched with seniors based on their likelihood of meaningful interaction.


Flexibility. Comfort Keepers does not just have an industry-leading range of supports and services, but the care is available in the senior's home at a time that is convenient for the senior. From an hour a week up to full-time, 24-hour care, Comfort Keepers caregivers provide service when it is actually needed. Best of all, the care is flexible so it can change and grow right along with a senior's condition or needs.


In short, there are myriad reasons Comfort Keepers stands head and shoulders above the competition. The primary reason, however, is their passionate desire to see each senior maximize their independence and quality of life in the convenience and comfort of their own home. 


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