Nursing Home Vs. In Home Care

Learn what distinguishes care in a nurses home from care provided through in home care.

Most seniors want to live on their own, even if they need help with day-to-day activities. After all, their home is comfortable, familiar and filled with memories. Not only do they know where everything is, but the items that are there belong to them. Besides, in their own home seniors can get up, move around, and enjoy life at their own pace and in their own time. Perhaps this is why studies show that seniors rank a loss of freedom and independence among their top fears – even ahead of dying.

Not every senior will need help as they age. Some seniors will remain fully independent right up until the end. Others may experience medical issues, accidents, and other life circumstances that make short or long-term care necessary in order to live safely. While there is not a specific age when care starts, but between the ages of 65 and 85 the need for care impacts over 75 percent of seniors.

For many seniors, in-home care will be enough to keep them vibrant and vital through their golden years. Others may find themselves requiring supports that go beyond the capabilities of in-home care providers in their area. For example, according to the Institute on Aging, less than one percent of seniors used nursing home facilities prior to age 65, but that number grew to over 25 percent after the age of 85.

The Differences Between A Nursing Home & In Home Care

A nursing home can provide 24-hour care with access to advanced medical support. Many in-home care providers also offer 24-hour care, but most focus on non-medical support and may not provide medical services. For example, Comfort Keepers provides round-the-clock non-medical care along with private-duty nursing support in many of their locations, but state laws and licensing may limit the availability and extent of this support. If your senior loved one requires advanced medical help, this is an important consideration when deciding on care options.

In-home care shines when it comes to personalization of services. Does the senior need help with cooking, cleaning, toileting, laundry, showering, dressing, avoiding falls, or driving? Some may need help with all of these elements and more, but others may only need help with one or two. Some seniors may be capable of performing daily living tasks, but they are lonely or depressed and need companionship. Others may simply enjoy the comfort and security that comes from knowing they will never be truly alone in case of an injury or illness. Not only does personalizing services tend to save countless dollars, but it gives the senior the exact services and supports they need in the manner in which they want to receive them.

In-home care also allows family members to remain a vital part of the care process. With in-home care support, family caregivers can provide as much or as little care as they are able. Should family caregivers need to take time off, respite care services are available to provide additional care and support for the senior at home.

A nursing home is designed to provide for the safety and care of many seniors with many different personal and medical issues. In-home care focuses on a single senior and their unique needs and requirements. In addition to this tailored care, the absence of other people's illnesses also makes a senior's home environment dramatically safer in terms of contracting viruses, bacteria, and infections. This is part of the reason seniors who recover from illnesses or injuries at home tend to do so significantly faster than those recovering in an institutional setting. Seniors recuperating at home also have a significantly lower rate of being readmitted to the hospital.

In short, some seniors may require nursing home care. Yet, with the wide array of services and supports available through Comfort Keepers in-home care, most of today's seniors will have the option to safely age in place in the comfort, convenience, and freedom of their own home. 


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