Respite Care in McCulloch, TX

Quality respite care for seniors in the McCulloch area.

Everybody needs to take a break now and then. Sadly, many family caregivers are not given this option. When a senior loved one requires long-term, ongoing care, there are often only three reasonable options: move the senior into a nursing facility, hire a professional at home caregiver, or family members must devote themselves to the care and support of their loved one. When a senior desires to age in place, many families choose to help them with this choice.

According to the National Center on Caregiving, in 2007 nearly 7 million American seniors required long-term care. This number more than doubled over the next decade. It is expected to double yet again by 2050, with nearly 30 million seniors requiring care for at least one significant disability. With the degree of support that is required to keep seniors who require care safe and healthy, family members who provide care often find themselves trapped in an increasingly stressful environment.

Respite Care in McCulloch, TX

Respite care is a form a short-term support provided for a senior so their primary caregiver can take a break. Comfort Keepers respite care providers are professional caregivers who specialize in senior care. From light housekeeping to meal preparation, medication management, personal care, and transportation, they provide the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social support seniors require while their family caregiver is away. Best of all, this care is provided in the senior's very own home. They don't need to go anywhere.

Respite breaks can be used for anything. Some caregivers simply sleep. Others take vacations. Many use the time to catch up with friends, keep their own medical appointments, and run essential errands. If regular respite breaks are scheduled, it becomes second nature to schedule and group tasks, chores, and meetings together so they can be accomplished while respite care personnel are providing senior care.

Of course, not all seniors require long-term care. Sometimes a serious injury or illness may necessitate that they have short-term in home support. With hospital stays becoming shorter and shorter and outpatient procedures becoming more common, the type of support is being required more than ever. Family caregivers often cover much of this care, but they may not always be able to be there. In these instances, respite care personnel can keep a senior safe and supported.

In short, everybody needs a little time away. With Comfort Keepers respite services, be it long-term or short-term, even family caregivers can take advantage of a short break.

Comfort Keepers of San Angelo, TX provides leading in home care services to seniors in:

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