Respite Care in Concho Valley, TX

Leading respite care for seniors and their family caregivers.

According to the AARP, respite care refers to a short-term break from the physical and emotional challenges of providing care to a loved one, "Whether it’s for a few hours a week to run errands or a few weeks a year to take a much-needed vacation, respite care offers you the chance reduce stress, restore energy and keep your life in balance".

Respite Care in Concho Valley, TX

While the focus of respite care is often on the benefits to the caregiver, it should be understood that the senior also benefits from regular respite breaks. This is critical to understand, since many family caregivers go through periods of guilt for leaving their loved one. 

One of the primary reasons respite services are good for seniors is their mental well-being. While this may seem counterintuitive to a caregiver who is feeling guilty about leaving their loved one in the first place, the reality is that seniors are intelligent. They understand and appreciate the sacrifices made to care for them, but they also understand the need for a break. While they love having the support, they don't want to be the reason for a family member's health degrading. Knowing that a family caregiver has time to take care of their own business, health, and welfare puts a senior's mind at ease and alleviates the sense of guilt many of them carry. 

Second, caregivers cannot provide top-quality care when they are exhausted or depressed. Seniors need their caregivers in top form. When a caregiver is rested and fresh, they are less likely to be aggressive, short, rude, insensitive, or negligent. Many times seniors do not have the ability to communicate their concerns to their family caregiver, or they are afraid that if they say something the caregiver may leave and they will end up in a nursing home. When caregivers take advantage of respite services, seniors have the benefit of a well-rested and clear-headed caregiver. 

Third, seniors need cognitive and mental stimulation. When seniors are isolated at home, they are often lacking for a range of social interaction. When respite care providers come to the home, it gives the senior a chance to interact with different people. This is very important for their emotional and mental well-being. 

Lastly, respite care providers are able to give an outside perspective of how things are going with the senior's plan of care. Often senior caregivers can suffer from care myopia – they lose their perspective. Respite caregivers are able to provide suggestions to make things easier, more efficient, and so forth. 

In short, respite care is very important for senior caregivers, but is it also of tremendous benefit to the seniors for whom they are caring. 

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