Dementia Care in Concho Valley, TX

Specialized dementia care for seniors needing dementia services in Concho Valley.

No cure currently exists for dementia, but when it is caused by external issues, such as physical trauma or a tumor, dementia may be reversed by curing its underlying cause. Dementia caused by brain cell death due to a stroke or other loss of blood or oxygen to the brain may be curable depending on the parts of the brain impacted, the extent of the damage, and the overall health of the senior prior to the event. 

Dementia Care in Concho Valley, TX

Whether or not there is a definitive cure available for dementia, there have been many advances in dementia care and treatments should be tried. For example, pet therapy has been shown to spur brain activity and encourage motor activity even after it has seemingly been lost. Art therapy has opened up new ways of communicating and in some instances has even brought old ones back to life. Music therapy has been found to trigger responses in areas of the brain that were thought to be dead and new communication channels between different parts of the brain are sometimes developed. 

Knowing how to help a person with dementia is hard. Their condition has likely led to a growing degree of debilitation. This leads to feelings of fear, anxiety, anger, and hopelessness. Several studies estimate that 50 percent of seniors with dementia become depressed with 25 percent reaching the full extent of clinical depression. 

Comfort Keepers specializes in dementia care and working with senior who have Alzheimer's disease. From companion services and personal care to housekeeping, cooking, and transportation services, Comfort Keepers has your loved one covered. Best of all, Comfort Keepers dementia care personnel will work with family members to help them better understand their loved one's condition, the many beneficial activities available to potentially curb the progression of the disease, and ways to ease their own tension and anxiety. 

With Comfort Keepers dementia care, at least you and your senior loved one do not need to go through it alone. Contact us today to learn more about our dementia services and to schedule a free home care consultation.

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