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Most people associate the words loneliness and isolation together; however, one doesn’t always mean the other. Sure, being isolated can lead to loneliness, but that’s not always the case. This kind of distinction is important if you want to be able to address the concern of loneliness connected with old age.

There are several factors that can cause isolation among seniors. For one thing, the senior might just prefer to be alone. Just like people of other ages, there are elderly members of the community who simply enjoy being alone. However, there are instances when they have become isolated because of the death of the spouse or significant other. Comfort Keepers home health care providers can provide compassionate companion care, conversation and assistance around the house during this transitional time period and beyond.

Statistically, women are the ones who survive their spouses. Couple this with the fact that women seem to need social interaction more and you can safely say that they are more likely to succumb to loneliness than their male counterparts. Not only can home health care providers offer companionship to your senior loved ones, but also be present to ensure they remain comfortable and safe at home in Concho County, TX.

AARP says that addressing a senior’s isolation is one of the best ways to prevent loneliness. This will have benefits to their health, such as reduced risk of contracting Alzheimer’s and other diseases. This is backed up by research with findings that older women with more social networks have lesser chances of getting dementia or any cognitive impairment. In fact, seniors who have daily contact with loved ones or home health care providers have their risks of having dementia cut by half.

Concho County, TX Home Health Care Providers

Unfortunately, not all seniors have big social networks or even have people they can talk to. This is where Comfort Keepers in Concho County, TX can help. Through our companion care services, we can provide regular social interaction with your senior loved ones. Meanwhile, home health care providers will also attend to regular chores and watch over your loved one’s health to ensure his or her overall well-being at home.

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